Practical solutions
for more than 20 years


For more than 20 years NW® brand have been providing solutions for welding using MMA, TIG, MIG/MAG techniques and for plasma cutting. During that time products with NW® logo have been used both in small home-based welding shops and workshops, ending up with large industrial plants.

Thanks to long-term presence in various branches of industry, including ship building industry, where welding techniques are used at various production stages, and the equipment is subject to extreme testing of its strength – brand technicians have acquired expertise that translated into numerous practical solutions for welding process.

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QUARTZSystem CUPSystem

We are pleased to present you with a summary in the form of a catalog of the newly introduced QUARTZsystem and CUPsystem solutions.

ProMIG 535DP


New sizes welding tables

From today, all welding tables series (Ferros, Hermes, Maximus) are additionally available in sizes 1500 x 1000 and 3000 x 1500.

QUARTZSystem - big lens

In reference to the extension of the offer to QUARTZSYSTEM products, in the third part of the material, we would like to present big lens solutions for the popular 9/20 and 17/18/26 burners.

XXL plasma

is an excellent alternative to cutting with gas torches. A specialized design and an extended torch with a handle not only increases safety, but also comfort of work.