Welding equipment tailored to today's needs.

For many years, we have been providing solutions for welding. Our products marked with the SPARTUS® logo undergo rigorous durability testing in industrial conditions from the outset. They are manufactured in accordance with European quality standards, based on modern technologies.

The SPARTUS® brand is unparalleled in personalized and non-standard solutions, offering the widest range of welding torch handles.

SPARTUS® also offers advanced technological equipment for MMA, TIG, MIG/MAG welding methods, as well as for plasma cutting. All SPARTUS® brand products […]

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Precision, versatility, and unparalleled performance - discover our new EasyMIG 227 Dual Pulse and EasyMIG 317 Dual Pulse machines.

EasyTIG 206P DC

Compact welder with advanced pulse welding and COLD WELD technology. Guarantees excellent weld quality while maintaining high welding speed and minimizing the amount of heat delivered to the material.

EasyMIG 130

Light MIG designed for flux-cored wire welding (FCAW). It is an ideal solution for anyone looking for a convenient welding solution at home or in a small workshop.


See the offer for special sets of consumable parts that are compatible with many popular plasma torches from brands such as SPARTUS®, NW®, ESAB®, CEBORA®, TRAFIMET®, LINCOLN®, EWS® and PANASONIC®.


The perfect plasma cutter for demanding industrial applications, offering a maximum cutting thickness of 60mm.