Welding equipment tailored to today's needs.

For many years, we have been providing solutions for welding. Our products marked with the SPARTUS® logo undergo rigorous durability testing in industrial conditions from the outset. They are manufactured in accordance with European quality standards, based on modern technologies.

The SPARTUS® brand is unparalleled in personalized and non-standard solutions, offering the widest range of welding torch handles.

SPARTUS® also offers advanced technological equipment for MMA, TIG, MIG/MAG welding methods, as well as for plasma cutting. All SPARTUS® brand products […]

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Extraction fume tables

Thanks to integrated extraction systems, these tables effectively reduce the presence of harmful dusts and fumes, which translates to improved air quality in the workplace.

ProTIG 3000 DC

Professional TIG DC welder with pulse - an excellent solution for welding delicate sheets and aluminum, ensuring the highest quality and precision of welds.

ProTIG 2000 AC/DC

Advanced and multitasking AC/DC TIG welder with pulse. Ideal for precise welding of thin sheets and aluminum. High quality and adaptable to various working conditions.

Experts Parts

Cartridge, EdgeCUT and ExtendCUT - discover specialized plasma solutions for SPARTUS® SP 45/85/125 HY/MY torches, which, when used with an adapter, are also compatible with the popular HYPERTHERM® SmartSYNC® torches.

Parts Adapter

A special NW® adapter allows the use of individual consumable parts in Hypertherm® SmartSYNC® torches. Just place our adapter on the torch body to use traditional parts.