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401 / 501

SchemeSwan neck  401Insulator ring (torch 501)Conatct tip holder M8Ceramic gas diffuserContact tip M8x30mm E-Cu 0,8mmGas nozzle fi 14
Lp.Product codeNr ref.Product nameTypeWire diameter [mm]BrandNet price
1401-00-001Swan neck 40115.76 €
501-00-001Swan neck 50117.13 €
501-00-031Swan neck 501L57.86 €
501-00-041Swan neck 501XL65.24 €
501-00-051Swan neck 501XXL72.63 €
501M-00-045Machine swan neck 501 45°43.09 €
501M-00-180Machine swan neck 501 180°57.44 €
251-31-001Insulator ring (torch 501)0.12 €
351-30-008Conatct tip holder M80.50 €
51-30-006Contact tip holder M60.62 €
451-40-001Ceramic gas diffuser0.19 €
51-41-001White gas diffuser0.12 €
51-42-001Black gas diffuser0.12 €
551-20-008Contact tip M8x30mm E-Cu 0,8mmE-Cu0.80.30 €
51-20-010Contact tip M8x30mm E-Cu 1,0mmE-Cu1.00.30 €
51-20-012Contact tip M8x30mm E-Cu 1,2mmE-Cu1.20.30 €
51-20-014Contact tip M8x30mm E-Cu 1,4mmE-Cu1.40.30 €
51-20-016Contact tip M8x30mm E-Cu 1,6mmE-Cu1.60.30 €
51-20-020Contact tip M8x30mm E-Cu 2,0mmE-Cu2.00.30 €
51-20-024Contact tip M8x30mm E-Cu 2,4mmE-Cu2.40.30 €
51-20-030Contact tip M8x30mm E-Cu 3,0mmE-Cu3.00.30 €
51-21-008Contact tip M8x30mm E-Cu for AL 0,8mmE-Cu to Al0.80.30 €
51-21-010Contact tip M8x30mm E-Cu for AL 1,0mmE-Cu to Al1.00.30 €
51-21-012Contact tip M8x30mm E-Cu for AL 1,2mmE-Cu to Al1.20.30 €
51-21-016Contact tip M8x30mm E-Cu for AL 1,6mmE-Cu to Al1.60.30 €
51-22-008Contact tip M8x30mm CuCrZr 0,8mmCuCrZr0.80.55 €
51-22-010Contact tip M8x30mm CuCrZr 1,0mmCuCrZr1.00.55 €
51-22-012Contact tip M8x30mm CuCrZr 1,2mmCuCrZr1.20.55 €
51-22-014Contact tip M8x30mm CuCrZr 1,4mmCuCrZr1.40.55 €
51-22-016Contact tip M8x30mm CuCrZr 1,6mmCuCrZr1.60.55 €
51-22-020Contact tip M8x30mm CuCrZr 2,0mmCuCrZr2.00.55 €
51-22-030Contact tip M8x30mm CuCrZr 3,0mmCuCrZr3.00.55 €
651-50-140Gas nozzle fi14NW®3.26 €
51-50-160Gas nozzle fi16NW®1.85 €
SP51-50-160Gas nozzle fi16SPARTUS®2.12 €
51-50-200Gas nozzle fi20NW®3.26 €

* use with contact tips M6x28