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Circle cutting attachment

Code: 51860

Net price: 61.73 euro

Machine handle

Code: 07215

Net price: 33.41 euro

Shield cap (fiberglass)

Code: 60354

Net price: 13.97 euro

Shield cap

Code: 80054

Net price: 4.49 euro

Photo soon

Wrench for electrode

Code: 07800.57

Net price: 2.12 euro

Photo soon

Double pointed spacer

Code: 60374

Net price: 12.20 euro

Electrode with O-Ring

Code: 52750/OR

Net price: 2.16 euro

Photo soon

Handgrip with microswitch

Code: 04280/C

Net price: 15.20 euro

Photo soon

Cable 12m - Machine torch

Code: 07895

Net price: 453.46 euro

Photo soon

Cable 6m - Machine torch

Code: 07890

Net price: 292.94 euro

Photo soon

Cable 6m - Hand torch

Code: 07880

Net price: 288.93 euro

Photo soon

Cable 12m - Hand torch

Code: 07885

Net price: 449.45 euro

Machine torch head + machine handle + electrode, tip and shield cap

Code: 07811

Net price: 507.16 euro

Photo soon

Hand torch head + handgrip + electrode, tip and shield cap

Code: 07801

Net price: 507.16 euro

Photo soon

Retaining cap

Code: 80057

Net price: 3.73 euro

Nozzle fi0.8 30A

Code: 51269

Net price: 1.56 euro

Nozzle fi1.3 80A

Code: 51271

Net price: 1.62 euro

Nozzle fi1.6 120A

Code: 51272

Net price: 1.62 euro

Nozzle fi1.0 50A

Code: 51270

Net price: 1.56 euro