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Wrench for electrode

Code: 60368

Net price: 1.85 euro


Code: 07301.20

Net price: 2.01 euro

Handle with microswitch

Code: 09705

Net price: 13.78 euro

Shield cap, machine 30-60A

Code: 60487

Net price: 5.57 euro

Shield cap, hand 30-60A

Code: 60485

Net price: 6.06 euro

Double pointed spacer

Code: 60444

Net price: 5.50 euro

Lead assembly 12m [M] (1/4”) (coaxial cable)

Code: 09796CX

Net price: 249.13 euro

Lead assembly 6m [M] (1/4”) (coaxial cable)

Code: 09791CX

Net price: 152.61 euro

Cable, 6m (1/4”) -hand torch

Code: 09781CX

Net price: 136.62 euro

Cable, 12m (1/4”) -hand torch

Code: 09786CX

Net price: 225.96 euro

Contact tip fi 1.0 40-50A

Code: 51318C.10

Net price: 2.13 euro

Dysza płaska fi0.9 30-40A

Code: 51313P.09

Net price: 1.44 euro

Extended contact tip fi 0.9 30-40A

Code: 51314.09

Net price: 2.00 euro

Contact tip fi 0.9 30-40A

Code: 51318.09

Net price: 1.46 euro

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Contact tip fi 0.9 30-40A

Code: 51318C.09

Net price: 2.13 euro

Lead assembly 4m [H] B (coaxial cable)

Code: 09682CX

Net price: 62.92 euro

Lead assembly 4m [H] B

Code: 09682

Net price: 48.96 euro

Lead assembly 4m [H] A (coaxial cable)

Code: 09680CX

Net price: 62.34 euro

Lead assembly 4m [H] A

Code: 09680

Net price: 46.52 euro

Shield cap (double)

Code: 60389K

Net price: 5.20 euro

Shield cap (single)

Code: 60389K1

Net price: 5.15 euro

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Extended contact tip fi 0.65 10-20A

Code: 51318L.06

Net price: 2.00 euro

Contact tip fi 0.65 10-20A

Code: 51318.06

Net price: 1.46 euro

Extended electrode

Code: 52583

Net price: 1.75 euro

Swirl ring

Code: 60028

Net price: 5.13 euro


Code: 52582

Net price: 1.51 euro

Handle with microswitch

Code: 09605

Net price: 13.13 euro

Hand torch head

Code: 09600

Net price: 63.60 euro


Code: 51620.60

Net price: 0.67 euro

Lead assembly 6m [M] (1/4”) B

Code: 09690

Net price: 68.47 euro