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Torch body SPE9F flex L=61mm (gas)

Code: SPE9F

Net price: 6.14 €

Torch body SPE24 L=66mm (gas)

Code: SPE24

Net price: 12.27 €

Torch body SPE24GFXL flex L=310mm (gas)


Net price: 63.77 €

Torch body SP24 L=66 (gas)

Code: SP24

Net price: 22.06 €

Torch body SPE9 L=55mm (gas)

Code: SPE9

Net price: 4.09 €

Torch body SPE9FL flex L=85mm (gas)

Code: SPE9FL

Net price: 14.32 €

Torch body SPE9FXL flex L=108mm (gas)


Net price: 18.43 €

Torch body SPE9FXXL flex L=135mm (gas)


Net price: 24.57 €

Torch body SPE9V with valve L=75mm (gas)

Code: SPE9V

Net price: 6.14 €

Torch body SPE9FV flex with valve L=72mm (gas)

Code: SPE9FV

Net price: 8.18 €

Torch body SPE 9P straight L=41mm (gas)

Code: SPE9P

Net price: 19.45 €

Torch body SP9 L=51mm (gaz)

Code: SP9

Net price: 11.02 €

Torch body SP9F flex L=51mm (gas)

Code: SP9F

Net price: 17.65 €

Torch body SP9FL flex L=93mm (gas)

Code: SP9FL

Status: News

Net price: 44.62 €

Torch body SP9FXL flex L=122mm (gas)

Code: SP9FXL

Status: News

Net price: 49.08 €

Torch body SPARTUS Master/Pro 9FXXL


Status: News

Net price: 53.54 €

Torch body SP9P L=41mm (gas)

Code: SP9P

Net price: 27.06 €

Torch body SPE17 L=70mm (gaz)

Code: SPE17

Net price: 5.12 €

Torch body SPE17F flex L=70mm (gas)

Code: SPE17F

Net price: 7.16 €

Torch body SPE17V with valve L=80mm (gas)

Code: SPE17V

Net price: 7.16 €

Torch body SPE17FV flex with valve L=80mm (gas)

Code: SPE17FV

Net price: 9.20 €

Torch body SP17 L=73mm (gas)

Code: SP17

Net price: 13.24 €

Torch body SP17F flex L=73mm (gas)

Code: SP17F

Net price: 19.87 €

Torch body SP17S short L=62mm (gas)

Code: SP17S

Status: News

Net price: 17.83 €

Torch body SPARTUS Master/Pro 17SF

Code: SP17SF

Status: News

Net price: 26.76 €

Torch body SPE26 L=80mm (gas)

Code: SPE26

Net price: 6.14 €

Torch body SPE26F flex L=80mm (gas)

Code: SPE26F

Net price: 8.18 €

Torch body SPE26V with valve L=88mm (gas)

Code: SPE26V

Net price: 8.18 €

Torch body SPE26FV flex with valve L=88mm (gas)

Code: SPE26FV

Net price: 10.23 €

Torch body SPE26P straight (gas)

Code: SPE26P

Net price: 31.02 €