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PT80H™ / PT80M™

SchemeO-ringO-ringHand torch headMicroswitchHandle with microswitchWater cooling tubeMachine torch headMachine handleElectrodeSwirl ring 80-120AContact tip fi 0.9 30-40AContact tip fi 1.0 40-50AShield capDouble pointed spacerContact tip fi 1.0 40-50AGouging contact tip 80AShield capShield capShield capShield cap body handShield cap body machineShield cap body (gouging)Extended electrodeSwirl ring 80-120AExtended contact tip fi 1.0 40-50AShield cap body (long) 40-70AWrench for electrode
Lp.Product codeNet price[H][M]Product name
10980070.17 euroyHand torch head
1a51620.600.67 euroyyO-ring
1b09800.425.63 euroyyWater cooling tube
20970513.78 euroyHandle with microswitch
2a07301.202.01 euroyMicroswitch
309810105.21 euroyMachine torch head
40721837.57 euroyMachine handle
4a0721988.40 euroyFiberglass positioning tube with rack
5525581.74 euroyyElectrode
6600275.86 euroyySwirl ring 80-120A
751310.091.91 euroyyContact tip fi 0.9 30-40A
851311.101.68 euroyyContact tip fi 1.0 40-50A
51311.111.68 euroyyContact tip fi 1.1 50-60A
51311.121.68 euroyyContact tip fi 1.2 60-70A
51311.131.68 euroyyContact tip fi 1.3 70-80A
96051014.86 euroyyShield cap
10604345.34 euroyDouble pointed spacer
1151311S.101.68 euroyyContact tip fi 1.0 40-50A
51311S.111.68 euroyyContact tip fi 1.1 50-60A
51311S.121.68 euroyyContact tip fi 1.2 60-70A
51311S.131.68 euroyyContact tip fi 1.3 70-80A
1251311G.161.70 euroyGouging contact tip 80A
136051115.17 euroyyShield cap
146050410.02 euroyShield cap body hand
14a6050610.02 euroyShield cap body machine
15605087.71 euroyShield cap body (gouging)
1652558L3.68 euroyExtended electrode
1751311L.103.53 euroyExtended contact tip fi 1.0 40-50A
51311L.113.53 euroyExtended contact tip fi 1.1 50-60A
51311L.123.53 euroyExtended contact tip fi 1.2 60-70A
51311L.133.53 euroyExtended contact tip fi 1.3 70-80A
1860504L12.02 euroyShield cap body (long) 40-70A
19603681.85 euroyyWrench for electrode
0978181.85 euroyLead assembly 6m [H] (1/4”)
09781CX136.62 euroyCable, 6m (1/4”) -hand torch
09786131.25 euroyLead assembly 12m [H] (1/4”)
09786CX225.96 euroyCable, 12m (1/4”) -hand torch
0978081.85 euroyLead assembly 6m [H] (1/8”)
09780CX136.62 euroyLead assembly 6m [H] (1/8”) (coaxial cable)
09785131.25 euroyLead assembly 12m [H] (1/8”)
09785CX225.96 euroyLead assembly 12m [H] (1/8”) (coaxial cable)
0979087.54 euroyLead assembly 6m [M] (1/4”)
09790CX152.61 euroyLead assembly 6m [M] (1/4”) (coaxial cable)
09795143.58 euroyLead assembly 12m [M] (1/4”)
09795CX249.13 euroyLead assembly 12m [M] (1/4”) (coaxial cable)
0979187.54 euroyLead assembly 6m [M] (1/8”)
09791CX152.61 euroyLead assembly 6m [M] (1/4”) (coaxial cable)
09796143.58 euroyLead assembly 12m [M] (1/8”)
09796CX249.13 euroyLead assembly 12m [M] (1/4”) (coaxial cable)

[H] – parts apply to hand torch,
[M] – parts apply to machine torch