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PT80H™ / PT80M™

SchemeO-ringO-ringHand torch headMicroswitchHandle with microswitchWater cooling tubeMachine torch headMachine handleElectrodeSwirl ring 80-120AContact tip fi 0.9 30-40AContact tip fi 1.0 40-50AShield capDouble pointed spacerContact tip fi 1.0 40-50AGouging contact tip 80AShield capShield capShield capShield cap body handShield cap body machineShield cap body (gouging)Extended electrodeSwirl ring 80-120AExtended contact tip fi 1.0 40-50AShield cap body (long) 40-70AWrench for electrode
Lp.Product codeNet price[H][M]Product name
10980073.67 €::Hand torch head
1a51620.600.71 €yyO-ring
1b09800.425.91 €::Water cooling tube
20970514.47 €yHandle with microswitch
2a07301.202.11 €yMicroswitch
309810110.47 €::Machine torch head
40721839.44 €::Machine handle
4a0721992.82 €::Fiberglass positioning tube with rack
5525581.83 €::Electrode
6600276.16 €::Swirl ring 80-120A
751310.092.01 €::Contact tip fi 0.9 30-40A
851311.101.76 €::Contact tip fi 1.0 40-50A
51311.111.76 €::Contact tip fi 1.1 50-60A
51311.121.76 €::Contact tip fi 1.2 60-70A
51311.131.76 €::Contact tip fi 1.3 70-80A
96051015.60 €::Shield cap
10604345.61 €::Double pointed spacer
1151311S.101.76 €::Contact tip fi 1.0 40-50A
51311S.111.76 €::Contact tip fi 1.1 50-60A
51311S.121.76 €::Contact tip fi 1.2 60-70A
51311S.131.76 €::Contact tip fi 1.3 70-80A
1251311G.161.79 €::Gouging contact tip 80A
136051115.92 €::Shield cap
146050410.52 €::Shield cap body hand
14a6050610.52 €::Shield cap body machine
15605088.09 €::Shield cap body (gouging)
1652558L3.86 €::Extended electrode
1751311L.103.70 €::Extended contact tip fi 1.0 40-50A
51311L.113.70 €::Extended contact tip fi 1.1 50-60A
51311L.123.70 €::Extended contact tip fi 1.2 60-70A
51311L.133.70 €::Extended contact tip fi 1.3 70-80A
1860504L12.62 €::Shield cap body (long) 40-70A
19603681.94 €yyWrench for electrode
0978185.94 €::Lead assembly 6m [H] (1/4”)
09781CX143.45 €yCable, 6m (1/4”) -hand torch
09786137.82 €::Lead assembly 12m [H] (1/4”)
09786CX237.26 €yCable, 12m (1/4”) -hand torch
0978085.94 €::Lead assembly 6m [H] (1/8”)
09780CX143.45 €::Lead assembly 6m [H] (1/8”) (coaxial cable)
09785137.82 €::Lead assembly 12m [H] (1/8”)
09785CX237.26 €::Lead assembly 12m [H] (1/8”) (coaxial cable)
0979091.91 €::Lead assembly 6m [M] (1/4”)
09790CX160.24 €::Lead assembly 6m [M] (1/4”) (coaxial cable)
09795150.76 €::Lead assembly 12m [M] (1/4”)
09795CX261.58 €::Lead assembly 12m [M] (1/4”) (coaxial cable)
0979191.91 €::Lead assembly 6m [M] (1/8”)
09791CX160.24 €yLead assembly 6m [M] (1/4”) (coaxial cable)
09796150.76 €::Lead assembly 12m [M] (1/8”)
09796CX261.58 €yLead assembly 12m [M] (1/4”) (coaxial cable)

[H] – parts apply to hand torch,
[M] – parts apply to machine torch