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New elements of Quartz system - short gas lens 17 / 18 / 26

Quartz - soczewka wersja krótka 17/18/26

Quartz – short gas lens 17/18/26

The QUARTZ system is designed and developed for professional TIG welding. Where the best quality and aesthetics of weld joint are welcome. Gas nozzle is made of special glass alloy which is resistant to high temperatures. Thanks to use of a transparent glass welder has great visibility of the weld pool even when weld in hard to reach places. It directly makes welding more ergonomic and gives opportunity to make better quality welds.


Nowadays QUARTZ system is a product family dedicated to work with 9/20 or 17/18/26 TIG burners in a variety of sizes and technological solutions. The latest QUARTZ is dedicated to the burner 17/18/26 and it is used with a short gas lens. Thanks to use of short gas lens and wide QUARTZ nozzle. Set is shorter but the gas shield is much wider than in standard solutions. The gas lens and extra strainer inside QUARTZ nozzle provide to laminar flow of gas shielding.




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