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MIG/MAG narrow gap welding set fit to FRONIUS® AW5000

We have expanded our offer with new elements of the narrow-gap welding kit. From now the set is compatible as before with the torches 360/401/501 and in addition with the torches of the Fronius® AW 5000® standard.

Wąska szczelina MIG FRONIUS AW5000

Narrow gap MIG FRONIUS® AW5000

♦See set elements fit to  FRONIUS® AW5000♦

The narrow gap welding kit is a solution that eliminates practically all limitations and technological difficulties that occur when welding in hard-to-reach places. Specially shaped gas nozzle, allows easy access to narrow gaps, providing adequate visibility and gas shield for the weld pool.

The applied solutions in the production of components guarantee minimal adhesion of welding spatter without the need for anti-spatter preparations, which significantly translates into the strength of the set.



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