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R145/A151 R145P/P151®

SchemeHand torch headHand torch headO-ring O-ring O-ring Front insulatorFront insulatorHandgrip with microswitchHandgrip with microswitchMicroswitchMachine torch headMachine handleDiffusorDiffusorElectrodeElectrodeSwirl ringSwirl ringSwirl ringTip fi 1.4Tip fi 1.4Retaining capRetaining capNozzle shieldCage spacerRetaining capRetaining capRetaining capRetaining capSpring holder protection nutSpacer springGouging spacerSpacer for contact cutting handLocking nutExtended diffusorExtended electrodeExtended tip fi 1.1 max 50AShield cap, hand max 50AExtended tip fi 1.4Spacer for contact cutting handShield cap, machine