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SP100H / SP100M

SchemeMicroswitchO-ringO-ringHand torch headHand torch head with handgripWater cooling tubeWater cooling tubeMachine torch headMachine handleFiberglass positioning tube with rackElectrodeElectrodeSwirl ring 30-70ASwirl ring 30-70ASwirl ring 30-70ASwirl ring 30-70ASwirl ring 30-70ASwirl ring 80-120ASwirl ring 80-120ASwirl ring 80-120ASwirl ring 80-120ASwirl ring 80-120ASwirl ring 80-120AContact tip fi 0.9 30-40AContact tip1.0 40-50AContact tip1.0 40-50AContact tip fi 1.4 80-90AContact tip fi 1.4 80-90AShield cap 30-70AShield cap 30-70AShield cap 80-120AShield cap 80-120ADouble pointed spacerContact tip fi 1.0 40-50AContact tip fi 1.0 40-50AContact tip fi 1.4 80-90AContact tip fi 1.4 80-90AGouging contact tip 100-120AShield capShield capShield capShield capShield capShield cap body hand  40-70AShield cap body hand 80-120AShield cap body machineShield cap body (gouging)Extended electrodeExtended contact tip fi 1.0 40-50AExtended contact tip fi 1.4 80-90AShield cap body (long) 40-70AShield cap body (long) 80-120AWrench for electrode
Lp.Product code[H][M]Product nameNet price
1NW09700KITyHand torch head with handgrip135.84 €
1aNW51190.41yyO-ring0.96 €
1bNW09700.48yyWater cooling tube8.50 €
2NW07301.20yMicroswitch2.86 €
3NW09700yHand torch head116.26 €
4NW09710yMachine torch head161.25 €
5NW07218yMachine handle53.34 €
6NW07219yFiberglass positioning tube with rack125.53 €
7NW52556yyElectrode3.67 €
8NW60025yySwirl ring 30-70A9.76 €
9NW60026yySwirl ring 80-120A10.36 €
10NW51245.09yyContact tip fi 0.9 30-40A4.69 €
11NW51246.10yyContact tip1.0 40-50A3.39 €
NW51246.11yyContact tip fi 1.1 50-60A3.39 €
NW51246.12yyContact tip fi 1.2 60-70A3.39 €
12NW51248.14yyContact tip fi 1.4 80-90A3.51 €
NW51248.15yyContact tip fi 1.5 100-110A3.51 €
NW51248.16::Contact tip fi 1.6 110-120A3.51 €
13NW60500yyShield cap 30-70A28.47 €
14NW60501yyShield cap 80-120A28.47 €
15NW60444yDouble pointed spacer8.16 €
16NW51276.10yyContact tip fi 1.0 40-50A3.54 €
NW51276.11yyContact tip fi 1.1 50-60A3.54 €
NW51276.12yyContact tip fi 1.2 60-70A3.54 €
17NW51278.14yyContact tip fi 1.4 80-90A3.58 €
NW51278.15yyContact tip fi 1.5 100-110A3.58 €
18NW51278G.22yGouging contact tip 100-120A3.87 €
19NW60502yyShield cap28.47 €
20NW60502HyyShield cap (OHMIC)
21NW60504yShield cap body hand 40-70A14.23 €
22NW60505yShield cap body hand 80-120A14.23 €
23NW60506yShield cap body machine14.23 €
24NW60508yShield cap body (gouging)10.95 €
25NW52556LyExtended electrode14.16 €
26NW51276L.10yExtended contact tip fi 1.0 40-50A6.21 €
27NW51278L.14yExtended contact tip fi 1.4 80-90A6.33 €
NW51278L.15yExtended contact tip fi 1.5 100-110A13.51 €
28NW60504LyShield cap body (long) 40-70A17.07 €
29NW60505LyShield cap body (long) 80-120A17.07 €
30NW60368yyWrench for electrode2.63 €

[H] – parts apply to hand torch,
[M] – parts apply to machine torch

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