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EL120H / EL120M

SchemeO-ringO-ringO-ringO-ringO-ringHandle with microswitchTorch headMachine torch headPositioning tube with rackMachine handleElectrode, Air/N2Electrode, Air/N2Start cartridge 30-120A (without HF)Start cartridge 30-120A (without HF)Gas distributor 30-60AGas distributor 30-60AGas distributor 60-120AGas distributor 60-120ATip cutting 30ATip cutting 60ACoil spring Coil spring Coil spring Coil spring Shield cap 30-60AShield cap 60-120ADouble pointed spacerInsulator High Frequency 30-120AzzzContact tip 60AShield cap body 30-60AShield cap body 60-120AShield cap, hand 30-60AShield cap, hand 60-120AShield cap, machine 30-60AShield cap, machine 60-120AMounting blockPinion assemblyPositioning tube with rackO-ring
Lp.Product code[H][M]Product nameNet price
107920::Torch head170.45 €
1a07100.53yO-ring0.85 €
1bNW07300.60yyO-ring0.85 €
1c07920.60::O-ring0.85 €
1d07106E::Handle with microswitch21.59 €
207921::Machine torch head190.80 €
2a07216::Positioning tube with rack106.45 €
2b07215yMachine handle42.36 €
352600::Electrode, Air/N23.00 €
407923::Start cartridge 30-120A (without HF)22.60 €
560060::Gas distributor 30-60A7.22 €
660061::Gas distributor 60-120A7.74 €
751470::Tip cutting 30A1.84 €
51471::Tip cutting 40A1.84 €
51472::Tip cutting 50-60A1.84 €
851474::Tip cutting 60A1.84 €
51475::Tip cutting 70A1.84 €
51476::Tip cutting 80A1.84 €
51477::Tip cutting 90-100A1.84 €
51478::Tip cutting 120A1.84 €
960442yyCoil spring1.11 €
1060480::Shield cap 30-60A12.83 €
60480/SyyShield cap 30-60A Max Life18.45 €
1160481::Shield cap 60-120A12.63 €
60481/S::Shield cap 60-120A Max Life18.61 €
1260444yDouble pointed spacer6.97 €
1307924::Insulator High Frequency 30-120A25.59 €
1451480::Dysza 30A2.05 €
51481::Contact tip 40A2.05 €
51482::Contact tip 50-60A2.05 €
1551484::Contact tip 60A2.05 €
51485::Contact tip 70A2.05 €
51486::Contact tip 80A2.05 €
51487yyContact tip 90-100A2.05 €
51488::Contact tip 120A2.05 €
1660482::Shield cap body 30-60A13.02 €
60482/S::Shield cap body 30-60A Max Life20.53 €
1760483::Shield cap body 60-120A13.25 €
60483/S::Shield cap body 60-120A Max Life20.82 €
1860485yShield cap, hand 30-60A7.68 €
18a60487yShield cap, machine 30-60A7.07 €
1960486::Shield cap, hand 60-120A8.00 €
19a60488::Shield cap, machine 60-120A7.29 €
2007217::Mounting block
217-2827::Pinion assembly
09080::Lead assembly 6m [H] (9/16”)151.99 €
09085::Lead assembly 12m [H] (9/16”)283.84 €
09090::Lead assembly 6m [M] (9/16”)167.19 €
09095::Lead assembly 12m [M] (9/16”)283.84 €

NOTE! There is the difference between UNITO RCH™ hf and UNITO RCH™ no hf versions. (see point 4 / 13).

[H] – parts apply to hand torch,
[M] – parts apply to machine torch