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SchemeHand torch headHandgrip with microswitchMachine torch headMachine handleElectrode 200ATip fi 1.0 20-50ATip fi 1.3 40-90ATip fi 1.6 80-120ATip fi 1.8 110-150ANozzle holderSpacer spring
Lp.Product codeNr ref.Product nameNet price
101800Hand torch head400.89 euro
1a04280/CHandgrip with microswitch15.20 euro
201810Machine torch head428.98 euro
2a01815Machine handle40.70 euro
352542Electrode 200A5.96 euro
451071Tip fi 1.0 20-50A4.37 euro
551072Tip fi 1.3 40-90A4.37 euro
651073Tip fi 1.6 80-120A4.37 euro
751074Tip fi 1.8 110-150A4.37 euro
860327Nozzle holder16.75 euro
951910Spacer spring0.91 euro