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SP70H / SP70M

SchemeHand torch head with handgripO-ringHand torch headMicroswitchHandgrip with microswitchO-ringMachine torch headMachine handleDiffusorDiffusorElectrodeElectrodeSwirl ringSwirl ringSwirl ringTip fi 0.9 35ATip fi 0.9 35AFlat tip fi 1.0Flat tip fi 1.0Conical tip fi 1.0Conical tip fi 1.0Retaining capRetaining capRetaining capSpacer springDouble pointed spacerDiffusorExtended electrodeExtended tip fi 0.9 35AShield cap, handSpacer, contact cuttingCable, 6m 1/8”, Hand torchWrench for electrode

[H] – parts apply to hand torch,
[M] – parts apply to machine torch