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SP1250H / SP1250M / SP1650H / SP1650M

SchemeO-ringO-ringHand torch headMicroswitchHandle with microswitchMachine torch headPositioning tube with rackSwirl ring Max Life 40/80ASwirl ring Max Life 40/80AElectrode 40-80AElectrode 40-80ATip 40ARetaining cap 40-80ARetaining cap 40-80AShield cap, hand 40/80AShield cap, machine 40/80ASwirl ring Max Life 100ASwirl ring Max Life 100ASwirl ring Max Life 100ASwirl ring Max Life 100AElectrode 100AElectrode 100AElectrode 100AElectrode 100ATip 100A shieldedRetaining cap 100ARetaining cap 100ARetaining cap 100ARetaining cap 100AShield cap, hand 100AShield cap, machine 100ATip130ASpacer for contact cutting 130ATip 40A unshieldedTip 60A unshieldedTip 80A unshieldedDeflectorDeflectorDeflectorDeflectorzzzGouging tipGouging spacer
Lp.Product codeNr ref.[H][M]Product nameNet price
1*03800::Hand torch head101.15 euro
1a02800.60::O-ring0.67 euro
209705yHandle with microswitch13.78 euro
2a07301.20yMicroswitch2.01 euro
3*03810::Machine torch head129.09 euro
407216::Positioning tube with rack83.96 euro
560043yySwirl ring Max Life 40/80A16.04 euro
60043EyySwirl ring8.81 euro
652675yyElectrode 40-80A3.60 euro
751405.10yyTip 40A1.85 euro
51405.12yyTip 60A1.85 euro
51405.14yyTip 80A shielded1.85 euro
8*60495::Retaining cap 40-80A21.62 euro
951981/TDyShield cap, hand 40/80A8.63 euro
1051982/TDyShield cap, machine 40/80A7.83 euro
1160044yySwirl ring Max Life 100A18.44 euro
60044EyySwirl ring 100A10.42 euro
1252676yyElectrode 100A3.79 euro
1351406yyTip 100A shielded2.00 euro
14*60496::Retaining cap 100A23.08 euro
1551983/TDyShield cap, hand 100A9.83 euro
1651984/TDyShield cap, machine 100A8.63 euro
1751406T::Tip130A3.20 euro
1851988::Spacer for contact cutting 130A8.16 euro
1951402yyTip 40A unshielded3.13 euro
2051403yyTip 60A unshielded3.13 euro
2151404yyTip 80A unshielded3.13 euro
2251939yyDeflector4.44 euro
2351408::Tip 100A unshielded3.20 euro
2451409.24::Gouging tip3.72 euro
2551989/G::Gouging spacer7.11 euro
09781CX-HY::Cable 7.5m (connection POWERMAX® 1000/1250) – hand torch184.66 euro
09786CX-HY::Cable, 15m (conection POWERMAX® 1000/1250) – hand torch289.57 euro
09780CX-HY::Cable, 7.5m (connection POWERMAX® 1650) – hand torch184.66 euro
09785CX-HY::Cable, 15m (connection POWERMAX® 1650) – hand torch289.57 euro
09791CX-HY::Cable, 7.5m (connection POWERMAX® 1000/1250) – machine torch184.66 euro
09796CX-HY::Cable, 15m (connection POWERMAX® 1000/1250) – machine torch289.57 euro
09790CX-HY::Cable, 7.5m (connection POWERMAX® 1650) – machine torch184.66 euro
09795CX-HY::Cable, 15m (connection POWERMAX® 1650) – machine torch289.57 euro
09781CXyCable, 6m (1/4”) -hand torch136.62 euro
09786CXyCable, 12m (1/4”) -hand torch225.96 euro
09791CXyLead assembly 6m [M] (1/4”) (coaxial cable)152.61 euro
09796CXyLead assembly 12m [M] (1/4”) (coaxial cable)249.13 euro

[H] – parts apply to hand torch,
[M] – parts apply to machine torch