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SP101H / SP101M

SchemeHand torch head with handgripO-ring O-ring Hand torch headMicroswitchHandgrip with microswitchMachine torch headMachine handleFront insulatorFront insulatorDiffusorDiffusorElectrodeElectrodeSwirl ringSwirl ringTip fi 1.1Tip fi 1.1Retaining cap Long LifeSpacer springDouble pointed spacerCrown spacerRetaining capRetaining capRetaining capRetaining capSpring holder protection nutSpacer springSpacer for contact cuttingLarge spacer for contact cuttingSpacer for contact cutting handLocking nutExtended diffusorExtended electrodeSwirl ringExtended tip fi 1.1 max 50AShield cap, hand max 50AExtended tip fi 1.4Spacer for contact cutting handShield cap, machineExtractor for swirl ringWrench for electrode
Lp.Product codeNr ref.[H][M]Product nameNet price
106001/KIT::Hand torch head with handgrip100.84 €
206001::Hand torch head87.54 €
2a06000.60yyO-ring0.71 €
2b60085yyFront insulator21.78 €
309706::Handgrip with microswitch14.47 €
3a07301.20yMicroswitch2.11 €
406600yMachine torch head158.70 €
503310yMachine handle37.33 €
606004yyDiffusor2.05 €
752535yyElectrode1.50 €
860030yySwirl ring5.48 €
951154yyTip fi 1.11.31 €
51155yyTip fi 1.41.31 €
51156yyTip fi 1.71.31 €
1060376yRetaining cap Long Life15.33 €
1151910ySpacer spring0.95 €
1260370yDouble pointed spacer9.43 €
1360371yCrown spacer10.82 €
1460386yyRetaining cap23.40 €
60386/VyyContact retaing cap Max Life35.09 €
1551952ySpring holder protection nut4.53 €
1651911ySpacer spring1.02 €
1751940ySpacer for contact cutting8.04 €
1851945yLarge spacer for contact cutting8.09 €
1951950ySpacer for contact cutting hand5.53 €
2051959yyLocking nut3.22 €
2106005yExtended diffusor6.38 €
2252530yExtended electrode3.69 €
2360031ySwirl ring5.47 €
2451149yExtended tip fi 1.1 max 50A5.02 €
2551957yShield cap, hand max 50A7.05 €
2651149.14yExtended tip fi 1.43.79 €
51149.17::Extended tip fi 1.73.79 €
2751958ySpacer for contact cutting hand8.79 €
2851951yShield cap, machine6.03 €
2960369yyExtractor for swirl ring9.23 €
3060368yyWrench for electrode1.94 €
04224yCable, 6m (M14x1); hand torch83.03 €
04234yCable, 12m (M14x1) – hand torch134.68 €
04222yCable 6m, (M14x1) – machine torch87.81 €
04232yCable, 12m, M14x1 – machine torch146.39 €

[H] – parts apply to hand torch,
[M] – parts apply to machine torch